Creature Feature: Fansu & Bodhi

Feeling ruff? Every week we feature a pet profile to bring a cheer to your day—and this week, we’re going for a pooch, or two. We’ve chosen Hong Kong-based Golden Retrievers, Fansu and Bodhi.

姓名: Fansu and Bodhi | 生日: Fansu – 10 years old, Bodhi – 5 years old | 品種: 金毛

Image courtesy of BZ Golden

Fansu & Bodhi’s Story

Fansu is a ten year old male and his name means sweet potato. He was abandoned by his owner at only four months old and his owners adopted him ever since. He has a calm personality and loves to tear up wrapping paper as a hobby. He also likes to steal treats from pet shops.

Image courtesy of BZ Golden

Bodhi is a five year old Golden Retriever with a name which coincides with enlightenment. He was a breeder dog and his mother gave birth whilst no one was around except other dogs. Bodhi was the last of the litter and was a surviving pup amongst the adult dogs. His owners decided to foster him before giving him a forever home and he now lives with Fansu and they get along so well. Bodhi is playful and hyper and still acts like a puppy to this day.

Image courtesy of BZ Golden

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