Find out more about us. Cha Siu Papers Times is your lifestyle guide to Hong Kong, from where to wine and dine, the best spas and salons and the boutique and luxury hotels and stores in the city, and beyond. Our content is aimed at providing recommendations, authentic reviews, round-up go-to’s and wide coverage on small and big businesses. Cha Siu Papers Times is under the realm of Cha Siu Papers, an online, punny illustration and eco-greeting card company.

The Team





Faye Bradley (founder of Cha Siu Papers) is the editor for Cha Siu Papers Times. She is a contributing writer and illustrator who writes for Vogue, Time Out Hong Kong, Lifestyle Asia, Compare Retreats, The Loop, LUX Nomade, Skyscanner, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and Lane Crawford. She manages the online booking portal and social media for luxury wellness travel retreat booking portal, Compare Retreats. Besides her passion for art and writing, Faye is a regular G&T enthusiast, loves a good brunch (huevas rancheros, yes please), and can usually be found exploring new destinations, hiking trails and unique things to see and do—and documenting it. You can follow her personal account on Instagram @fayebradley123 and the Cha Siu Papers account @chasiupapers.

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Adam Thompson / Mr Ping is the eyes behind all the photography taken and edited in-house on Cha Siu Papers Times. He is an avid gym junkie, Black Mirror-binger and loves mashed potatoes (with a pork pie). Find any of his photographs used throughout our online magazine and online store.


Chinese Editor

Vivian Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong and speaks fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin. She has worked as a private Chinese teacher for over 10 years teaching English-speaking newbies in the city the basics of Cantonese/Mandarin. She manages the Chinese editorial content on Cha Siu Papers Times, translating the content from English to Cantonese. A certified Zumba instructor, yogi and lover of dim sum and has a fine appreciation for well-made cocktails.

Editorial Policy

All of our content is authentic and editorially-driven and independent. Generally, we will reach out and hand-pick our partners in case of a relevant article or request. In a rare exception, if a post is sponsored or requested, we will state this at the end of the article. We do not accept paid advertising unless it. is directly relevant to our brand and voice.
All our content is written in-house by our team and all photography is taken by our photographer (Credit: Mr Ping), unless stated otherwise.