Personalised Facials at Eco-Spa Moksa Slow Beauty


Nestled in the heart of Soho, Central, lies Moksa Slow Beauty, an eco-friendly wellness haven for those looking for a natural pamper. The spa (and juice bar!) offers a range of treatments from mani-pedis to eyelash extensions, all curated with a sustainable conscience. Cha Siu Papers’ Faye Bradley visited Moksa to try the personalised facial for a relaxing weekend indulgence.

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Top 10 Zero-Waste Stores In Hong Kong

It’s a crucial time to be aware of the importance of the environment today, and zero-waste stores are the next best step forward. There are many ways to cut down — or ideally, completely cut out — plastic and wasteful packaging, and one of the solutions is to change consumer shopping habits. Luckily, Hong Kong houses some optimistic approaches to sustainability, from bulk groceries to reuseable storage containers. Cha Siu Papers rounds up our list of the top 10 zero-waste stores in the city.

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