Where to Get Chic, Affordable Artwork in Hong Kong

Decorating a home is one of the best parts of moving in. After finalising the furniture, decor, and healthy dose of plants, there’s one final touch—hanging up elegant art pieces. Hong Kong is synonymous with fine art collections, although, it may not necessarily be everyone’s price range. Luckily, there’s a huge community of independent creatives in the city running their own art curations—at a more affordable price. With Hong Kong’s ever-growing art scene, comes an abundance of one-stop shops to explore the best of artists. Here are some of our favourite places to get affordable art works from independent artists in Hong Kong and beyond.

Image courtesy of VZOW

Art prints: VZOW

VZOW is an online platform dedicated to offering high-quality and unique artworks for sale at an affordable price. The brand aims to showcase talented independent artists who specialise in different artistic styles, brought to life with original artwork, custom made art pieces, and high-end prints.

As an art marketplace, VZOW goes the extra mile to support artists from around the world to give them the recognition they deserve. Some of our personal favourites include Cindy Kang’s “Hope” (from HK$1,404), Chun Chun’s Man Sitting in Park (from HK$1,170), and Marin Vaan Zaal’s Shape Play (from HKD$1,014).

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Image courtesy of KAKAHUETTE

Limited-edition photography: KAKAHUETTE

Founded by two art lovers, Steven and Richard, KAKAHUETTE is a one-stop shop to find the most authentic photographic art from talented local and international artists. The brand believes in lighting up a home with inspirational photography to spark motivation and creativity everyday. Translating to “peanut” in French, KAKAHUETTE is like a favourite pairing of good wine. The founders hope to create unique and cherishing memories to perfectly match any household.

Every KAKAHUETTE piece is available for custom mounting and framing with museum-grade materials. Tom Franklin De Waart‘s “Stop Sign” is a unique, limited-edition photograph which pays tribute to downtown Hong Kong city lights.

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Image courtesy of Louise Hill Design

Mixed-media artwork: Louise Hill Design

After a successful, longstanding stint in Hong Kong, Louise Hill Design moved to Singapore to continue her pursuit in colour, typography, illustration and detailed artwork. Her collages are elegant and vibrant, comprising all of her own imagery.  She photographs buildings, objects, textiles, ribbons and curated vintage props from her own collections, adds in a dash of illustration and pattern, and sometimes little vintage imagery.

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