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la blonde gitane silk bedsheets

Silk bedding is one of the finest indulgences for a home. There’s something so exquisite about the smooth texture, the opulent shine, and the unmatched comfort, when sleeping upon it. There are some alternatives to silk, which include bamboo silk and satin, but it’s difficult to compete with pure mulberry silk, the most premium of them all. La Blonde Gitane fills the gap in the Hong Kong market, selling luxurious home bedding for a contemporary bedroom. We delve into the brand, on what to expect, and the products available in the collection.

la blonde gitane silk bedsheets
Image courtesy of La Blonde Gitane

About La Blonde Gitane

Founded by Alessandra, who moved to Hong Kong from Milan in 2018, La Blonde Gitane is a textile brand which specialises in luxury pure mulberry silk products. Alessandra spent 15 years in Italy at a training agency, then moved to social media marketing for local brands in Hong Kong. Each product is curated for a modern home, showcasing the comfortable, sleek product in all its glory. Using the highest quality silk, the collection curates only the most premium, luxurious pieces.

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Image courtesy of La Blonde Gitane

The Benefits of Silk

There are plenty of reasons to integrate silk products to your everyday life. The natural product is used to improve sleep quality, through its breathable composition and temperature-regulating properties. Silk helps the body retain heat in cold weather, yet it keeps you cool in summer months, thus making it the perfect solution for home bedding.

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la blonde gitane silk bedsheets
Image courtesy of La Blonde Gitane

The Products

There are different categories to choose. The catalogue offers a simple selection of what they specialise best in—bedding. Products include:

Image courtesy of La Blonde Gitane

Bet Sets

There are a range of bed sets to choose from. All are made from hypoallergenic mulberry silk, and comes with a duvet cover, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases for an undisturbed shut eye.

la blonde gitane silk eyemask
Image courtesy of La Blonde Gitane

Silk Eye Masks

Super soft and cosy, silk eye masks are celebrated for their anti-ageing benefits and for helping ensure undisturbed sleep. The masks are available in four chic colours—pink, grey, light blue, and navy blue. Prices from HK$300.

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Image courtesy of La Blonde Gitane

Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Spruce up your bedding with pure mulberry pillowcases for optimum sleep. La Blonde Gitane’s signature products are silky soft, and feature mother-of-pearl buttons. Available in an assortment of colour combinations, with prices starting from HK$700.

Find out more about La Blonde Gitane here

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