The Unkept Secret of Hong Kong: Amooma Spa & Sanctuary

A spa review of Amooma Spa & Sanctuary: Hugs & Kisses Couples’ Treatment

Tucked away in a tranquil space on Sik Street, Wanchai, AMOOMA Spa & Sanctuary is a true hidden gem amongst Hong Kong’s best wellness sanctuaries. The contemporary-meets-Balinese property is the spa’s second boutique, having rebranded and changed its name and logo in 2018 for a newly established haven of treatments to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Cha Siu Papers’ Faye Bradley and her partner stopped by the secluded destination to experience the Hugs & Kisses couples’ package—after all, couples who spa together, stay together—as quoted by the spa itself.

Hidden Oasis

The spa itself is not easy to stumble upon—most visitors would have to know about AMOOMA to find it, or be exploring the hidden streets between Causeway Bay and Wanchai to find this hidden gem. Situated on a sleek narrow alley on Sik Street, the wellness haven is the brand’s second branch, founded on the ethos of Balance and Zen, fusing an East-meets-West philosophy to ensure each treatment succeeds to detox and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

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The Space

AMOOMA Spa & Sanctuary’s theme  is sure to be memorable—the exteriors and interiors of this property are so well-designed to make a statement through its ultra-modern aesthetic. From the outside, a glass window display covers the forefront, panelled with sleek yet subtle gold-bronze toned specks.

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Enter the property to admire the birdcage-like display, featuring premium spa treatment products including mani-pedi tools adorned by the Queen and luxury face masks used by the Kardashians. The spa facilities are situated down an outdoor, Balinese-like pebble step way, leading to the massage rooms and marble-clad bathroom.

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Hugs & Kisses

My partner and I tried the two-hour Hugs & Kisses package for couples, which included an Aroma Steam Bath, a Tourmaline Crystal Energy Massage and an Energy Lift Facial. Stepping outside into the serene outdoor space, we entered the VIP couples’ room to first have our 30-minute Aroma Steam Bath together, to disconnect and relax, whilst opening pores for a cleansing massage ahead. It was a really detoxing and rejuvenating way to begin the treatment, whilst having some personal time together.

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After the steam bath and a shower, we lay down for the 60-minute massage. This treatment was certainly unique—I haven’t tried hot stones before. The masseuse used heated Tourmaline crystal to target acupressure points to stimulate the meridians, thus encourage energetic flow—a traditional way to bring chi back into the body.

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I felt a lot of tension release from my body which was further aided by the hour-long full-body massage, where I chose lavender as my aromatherapy oil. I asked for my back and shoulders as the strain focus to relieve knots and stress from each joint, leaving my body feeling rebalanced from slouched days at the office.

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We then had the Energy Lift Facial, a 30-minute spiritually uplifting treatment, which included a blend of serums to target skin imperfections. This was a quick yet effective way to boost hydration and cleanse my face properly. At the end of our treatment, we were taken to the lounge area to sip a complimentary glass of champagne and even try AMOOMA’s custom VR headset—a meditation tool where we were taken to the most calming destinations in the world, including watching the Northern Lights which was a lovely treat to finish the experience. I was also given a complimentary post-treatment mask and cleanser to use at home as a skincare gift.

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Wellness Escape

The treatment left my partner and I feeling totally pampered, and in mindful zen. From the soothing massage and facial to the accommodating, helpful staff, AMOOMA is definitely a hidden gem in Hong Kong worth visiting. We adored the unique open-air courtyard—a luscious entrance before starting your treatment. The spa thrives on its inspirations from nature and life, using an East-meets-West concept in each wellness therapy. Head here for a sweet Valentine’s Day couples’ treatment—or bring your best friend/mother—year-round for self-transformational indulgence.

Hugs & Kisses Treatment:

Promotional Price $2280

Treatment Duration: 2 hours

AMOOMA is also offering the two-hour APHRODITE package, which includes an Organic Forbidden Rice Scrub (30 mins), and Organic Rhassoul Clay Detox (45 mins) and an InstaGlam Manicure (45 mins) for $1,380HKD.

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Head to AMOOMA Spa & Sanctuary to book your or spa treatment

More info: Insta: @AMOOMA.SPA | Facebook: @AMOOMASPA

Wanchai: Email: | Phone: +852 2111 3535 / +852 9533 9288

Causeway Bay: Email: | Phone: +852 2730 6632 / +852 9886 7783

Visit: G/F, 14 Sik On Street, Wan Chai, Wan Chai District, Hong Kong and 12/F Shun Hei Causeway Bay Centre, 492 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers

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Written content by Faye Bradley for Cha Siu Papers

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